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On September 24, 2016
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The only HostGator web hosting review that will help you make the right decision of buying this service and enjoying your time while having this service.

Hostgator is one of the premium web hosting services all around the globe and they have just about recently launched their premium product which they call the HostGator Cloud which in turn is a very good productivity service and will help you meet all your hosting and cloud storage service. Also this service has been recently gaining a lot of attention due to the fact that it is also one of the cheapest ever service present in the market right now so people are going cray over this stuff and have been able to host their business, story telling websites and also blogs up and running successfully with this premium and absolutely best hosting service in the world.

Hostgator Hosting Review – From a User’s Perspective

In short I would like to inform all of you guys those who are reading the article that this newly launched hosting service is an absolutely wild phenomenon and I would declare it here that this service which hostgator has now officially launched for all of us is MUCH better than the previous services that hostgator used to offer and still does I don’t know why and that hosting service goes by the name of HostGator’s regular shared hosting service which had earlier some serious issues but daily updates have made this service too a top of the line service and made it the single most choice to all the people who are looking to buy up and hosting service for their specific niche’s.

With this new hostgator hosting plan the uptime has been increased to a perfect score of 100% which was earlier just a bit behind from the perfect score just by 0.02% and also the speeds have been just awesome for everyone. The speeds are now around 350 ms which earlier used to be a lot less than this ( these new speeds are almost 2x plus times faster than regular HostGator shared hosting which has now been upgraded).

Hostgator Hosting Review

Hostgator has also been the top #1 Position for being the best ever hosting service in these last couple of months and also hoping to be at that same position for just about the remainder of its life time. Hostgator’s new service is currently priced at just about $3 per month and I believe that it is really a meager amount considering the fact that this hosting service bring with itself just about infinite number of features making it the beast of all hosting services present in the market.

So thus in order to help you make a clear and calm choice we have brought about a detailed and advanced HostGator review that will help you make the right decision of buying this service and enjoying your time while having this service.

So is Hostgator really a powerful web hosting service for everyone or is this just a hoax? Well to be honest with you hostgator has been around for the time the internet has been and it has from that time onwards helping people to get into this unknown world of networks and terminals that the people call the internet.

Hostgator will help you get through everything from setting up a business website or having just a own choice blog so that you can share your opinion to this entire world and provide everyone a fair chance to share their opinions with you too through the comments. Also hostgator is totally adsense and other AD services optimized and it won’t bloat your website with its own ads making sure that you will get all your money directly through the ads that you place on your websites and rather than earning somebody else your hard earned money.

HostGator is such a powerful name that you would recognize it at an instance even if you really didn’t know what it actually does and what its sole purpose is. I can guarantee you this that almost everyone you know would’ve heard the name of hostgator somewhere – You might not be sure where and why you know it exactly? But you actually would know about it or at least would have heard about it without even having any proper make do with the service at all.

Well then let me tell you why you do know about it. Well the only reason that I can find is that probably because of the fact that this Houston-based hosting service ‘ HostGator’ is actually not only one of the largest web hosts on the planet but it is actually the largest one ever with over 9 million! Domain names which are hosted under its name for about a 9.5 million more users. They are so big that they even love to boast partnerships with others like the tiny tech titans Cisco and Linux OS’s.

HostGator has been around for about 2002 and this service was originally founded by Brent Oxley before it got acquired by all the more famous and best of all Endurance International Group (EIG) who also is an owner of bluehost, Justhost, iPage, Fatcow, among others which are also just about fine as sellers of hosting. They have now also have about two U.S. based data centers in Houston and also making some significance in countries like Provo as well as in other countries such as in Utah.

So what do you think is going to be exactly responsible for HostGator and its massive success?

Having an impressive and low downtimes and massive uptimes? Having a fantastic customer support? Or just a massive marketing budget for reaching the target audience?

We wanted to find out for ourselves and give you all a totally unbiased report that will allow you to shed some amount of light on their awesome performance and also not view advertising claims as well.

We’ve found our way to provide you an all in one test result and we set up a demo website to find the same and here’s what we found and would like to show you all –

PROS or Advantages of using HostGator Hosting

HostGator has a lot of noble qualities which would be more than enough for all your website hosting needs and also the hosting service includes so many days of money back guarantee that if you wanted to use it without any hassles and also a massively easy to use and also a well integrated interface for all the beginners. Here’s a quick summary for all of you.

  • Decent Support for all your needs

HostGator is a massively popular and a massive name in the hosting companies and allows all its users a convenient offer of a 24/7 and a 365 support throughout the world and also the service for all the users is provided through the phone, live chat, and also the most convenient of all which is email service.

  • Massive 45-Day Money Back Guarantee

All of the web hosts we’ve reviewed so far only offered us a standard 30-day money back guarantee but this one’s a lot. A 15 day push makes it the best. HostGator has always been the best and in this matter too it bumps their money back guarantee up to a 45 days.

  • Enhanced Security protocols along with Free Migration services.

HostGator will always be there for you and be happily assisting you with the relocating processes and by providing you an existing website over to their services for free without any potential problems at all.

  • Very User Friendly for all the Beginners out there

HostGator is really very user-friendly for all the beginners as well as the experienced people who have some potential amount of experience in the hosting and website development market. Hostgator also makes sure that you are provided with sufficient amounts of knowledge about their websites and also have endless tutorials along with some decent FAQ pages. They also have a day by day expanding community of people who wish to discuss issues as well as problems regarding the services.

CONS of using HostGator Hosting

There are many cons situated with the regular hosting plans that Hostgator seems to offer as there are just about infinite times of downtimes which makes your head ache as hell but the cloud based plan is absolutely no problem and will always be around without any down times at all as it is always online. Even if there were server maintenance and other stuff you would always have a live version available which would be backed up on their maintenance timed servers.

The plans that hostgator offers are quite straight forward, upto the mark, do not have any issues and they sure as hell will always remain there for you by providing you many services that they offer to all.

We would here list out some of the most basic plans that Hostgator offers for the money and also the best ones that would help you get started with the services that you want for hosting and all.

In india the plans start at just Rs.155 but these plans are absolutely shit and are not worth that much. They would provide you the most basic of all the plans and also not much services with this one so we need to get at least one step ahead and make sure that we get a decent enough service for ourselves so that we have a good plan with us.

Hostgator Hosting Pricing Details

I would suggest you all that you have with yourself the cloud hosting service that will provide you with the best of all hosting service for your website so that you do not see any issues with the hosting service.

The plan is named as the business cloud offer and this one is absolutely the best one. But if you wanted to cheap out on the hosting well then I would recommend that you go for the hatchling cloud or the baby cloud plan which work just about fine but have less features.

Do we recommend HostGator?

SIMPLY YES!! HostGator is one of the biggest and I would say the best household web hosting names all over the world just because of a single and yet effective reason and they are on their best ever form currently and their performance is also just about absolutely stellar now a days. They’re consistently working hard to strive more and achieve more than just average uptimes and also providing users with such high speed is greatly concerning and is also making me wonder how do they even profit from the services that they offer the users these days.

Hostgator Customer Support

The customer support was just so awesome and flawless it wasn’t at all anything that you shouldn’t expect from a top of the line hosting company, they seem to be a lot caring for their customers and they do pay heed to the problems and do the necessary actions just about immediately.

The extra features or plan add-ons are very good but I would say you won’t need them much unless and until you get a lot of traffic on your websites and by lot I mean about a million hits a day, only then you’ve got to be worried otherwise you are just about fine with the regular packages.

They’re not at all an average host in fact they are more than competent to provide the users with unlimited hosting services and making them feel proud of the decision of choosing hostgator other than any other service on line. As of now I can guarantee you that there wouldn’t be better options for your money in the market and I don’t think that any other hosting company will ever be able to beat the services that hostgator provides all its users.

Hostgator Discount Alert : 60% off all new hosting plans!

In today’s market no more top hosts can be found here in comparison to hostgator and also they are constantly improving so you can’t expect to see a better service that hostgator anytime soon and having said that, they seemed to have further improved upon the betterment of their daily and usual services drastically since  May/June 2016 and have also provided users with more cheaper and easy to use services for absolutely no extra charges. Thus I feel that everyone who are both new and also previous users should buy the lifetime membership to hostgator as it will never disappoint you ever, though you can find hosting reviews of some of the other providers.

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