Best And Compact EDC Flashlights For Various Purposes


Having a compact and perfect flashlight can increase survivability in several instances.  These flashlights are highly useful and helpful in everyday circumstances.  The best light source or product can do several things. The compact flashlights not only lights your way, but they also assist you in seeing things in the dark spaces. Many types of flashlights available now, but EDC flashlight get more recognition among people because it serves as an essential portion of your daily carry collection.

The Best EDC flashlight is an essential additional to your fully-functional daily carry ensemble, particularly when you need it as well as there is no sufficient moonlight for delivering the light require mitigating the scenario above.

In distinction to the bigger strategic flashlights carried out in your motorcycle or the back, EDC compact flashlights are more portable and smaller versions that fit in your shirt pocket quickly. Also, the EDC flashlights fit in your pocket organizer as well as on the keychain for daily use. These broad attractions of Best EDC flashlight attract many people towards this compact lighting source and cheer everyone to pick the appropriate one quickly.

Finding The Best EDC flashlight

There are hundreds EDC flashlights obtainable in the present market that make this complex to purchase the right one. Many people are not capable of differentiating which flashlight is good for them as well as may get entirely confused with multiple choices.  Though, with the buyer’s guide of Best EDC flashlight, now anyone can select the perfect one without any unwanted hassles or complexities.

When you search for the suitable daily carry flashlight or lighting source, you can explore numerous aspects to check. There are few qualities or characteristics that everyone must seem for in the flashlights, before buying any flashlight.  There is no significant that every flashlight should come with all of the qualities, but a flashlight should include most of the below-mentioned features. These flashlights consist of features such as a convenient size, strong housing, lumens, water and shock resistance, durable LED bulb, rechargeable and much more.

Additionally, being a helpful tool, it is vital to carry out a flashlight always with you because it helps you in several ways.

Hence, it is significant to have the best flashlight which suits your requirements thereby you can always carry a flashlight with you. The perfect flashlight must fit perfectly into your everyday work and style.

Considerations of EDC Flashlight

  • Size and shape

The portable flashlights come in numerous sizes and shapes. The compact flashlight size depends on your individual preferences. If you look for the Best EDC flashlight used only at a house, you can prefer the big sized flashlight. The

It is significant to notice what size of the flashlight is perfect for your personal lighting requirements.  When you decide to choose the larger size flashlight, you can ensure that your flashlight is not heavy. The pen light is ideal for people who want to put their flashlight in their shirt pocket.

The size of daily carry flashlight is depends on the battery type the torches include. The small flashlights have little batteries, and big flashlights have larger batteries. You can buy the EDC flashlight entirely based on their length and size.

  • Type of battery

Different flashlights utilize various battery types. Not every battery function the same. The high quality and efficient battery mean better runtime and brightness for the flashlight. The size of battery will vary from one flashlight to another flashlight so that you can consider the battery type carefully.

  • Durability

The flashlight or torch must be completely durable. People want a flashlight to work while they need it. Also, if you select to hold the Best EDC flashlight or torch with you every day, you require ensuring that the flashlight has an extremely robust build. You can buy a daily carry torch which can tolerate the beating of daily carrying around when you need it.

For a torch to be touch, it is significant that the flashlight should design by using superior quality materials. Additionally, the flashlight should be shocked resistance, waterproof and comes with a quality lens which is shatterproof and scratch-resistance.

  • Materials

The torch lights make by using anodized aluminum, the similar kind of materials used to design tactical flashlights. Apart from this material, the Best EDC flashlight is designed by using titanium and stainless steel as well.

Though, both the materials are highly expensive when compared to the anodized aluminum. These kinds of materials are very strong and tough that means when you purchase designed by using the materials, then they would be durable.

  • Shock Resistance

You can purchase the flashlight which is shock resistant. It means the torchlight can meet the popular ANSI FL1 standard that makes flashlights impact resistant. It is the important measurement which is intended as height in meters.

  • Water Resistance

It is crucial to buy the flashlight that is waterproof. This kind of rating is called as IPX rating. You can see that many flashlights include this rating that is variable. Though, the common IPX rating is IPX4, IP8, and IPX7.

  • Bulb Type

The LEDs are highly preferred and popular bulbs used in the torches. Many ECD flashlights come with LED bulbs. The LED flashlights get more recognition among people now, because of its durability. Moreover, they are shock resistant and cheap.  The LED lights provide greater efficiency, more brightness, and enhanced battery consumption. Though, some torches still utilize the incandescent bulbs because of its better color as well as simple to replace feature.

  • Power of the light

The most important aspect to check when purchasing a daily torch is to consider the range of light your flashlight emits. The range of light rays you will require in the flashlight based on the individual purpose. The Best EDC flashlight power is based on three major factors that include beam distance, Candela, and lumens.  The lumen is a major measurement unit that measures the overall amount of light which is produced by the light source.


Best EDC Flashlight Reviews In 2017

Many individuals find many difficulties while making the flashlight selection, because of many choices available there. For simplifying the selection, this guide comes with the best selection of highly preferred EDC flashlights.  The great flashlight collection not only limits the finding, but it gives folks a chance to pick the extremely compact and perfect flashlight without spending more time.

Quick Comparison Table :

Product NameBatteryLuminous FluxRatings
Rofis TR20 with adjustable head and rechargeable3400mAh 1100 Lumens 5.0
JETBeam KO-01 flashlight2400mAh1080 Lumens4.7
ThruNite TN12Not Mentioned1100 Lumens4.8
Olight S1 Baton (Bundle)1500mAh500 Lumens4.4
J5 Tactical LightNot Mentioned300 Lumens (Max)4.5

Here are the best flashlights we’ve found for you after comparing them on the basis of features and price with all other available options in the market –


Rofis TR20 with adjustable head and rechargeable

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Are you looking for the best torch with a holster? This rofis TR20 is an ideal choice for your flashlight needs. The specially designed rechargeable flashlight includes adjustable head so that you can use it for multiple purposes. It includes CREE XP-L HI V3 LED so that it will produce the maximum result of about 1100 lumens.

The flashlight also boasts excellent max out beam intensity measured as 10850 cd. It has an innovative button that provides access to 3 special modes and six brightness levels.  Additionally, this flashlight includes high efficiency and a constant circuit that offers better runtime of about 200 hours. There is a power indicator available in this flashlight that displays the remaining battery capacity. The reverse polarity Security features prevent the damage from wrongly inserted batteries.


  • Multifunctional usage
  • Adjustable-head torch light
  • Removable magnets tail
  • Maximum output of this flashlight is 1100 lumens
  • Superior constant current circuit offers 200 hours of runtime
  • It has waterproof features


Olight S1 Baton (Bundle)

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This S1 mini torchlight makes with quality 6061-T6 alloy body (aluminum) and anti-scratch feature. It is a small flashlight, but it brings you great power and multiple setting. You can hold it in your shirt pocket, backpack, purse and anywhere.  It has five different brightness levels.  The tiny torch light runs on the CR123A battery.  The olight flashlights are incredibly powerful, robust and small. It is bright, tiny and rock solid.

This small baby is bright and tiny. Apart from that, the superior and durable flashlight includes various brightness and modes.  The flashlight includes IPX8 submersible features that are entirely incredible. You can use this small baby on several occasions, including touring, running, night fishing, dog walking, bicycling, day hike, hunting, camping and much more.


  • LED (Cree XM-L2 CW)
  • Maximum light output is 500 lumens.
  • Three standard modes
  • Two special modes
  • Thermal management protective program
  • Reverse polarity security


ThruNite TN12

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The most attractive EDC flashlight includes the latest and highly efficient LED light named Cree XP-L.   The newly designed and superior ThruNite flashlight delivers about 1100 ANSI lumen. It is significant to note that the neutral white result will be twenty percentages below the cool white. The most reliable and cool flashlight is ideal for the army, firefighters, emergency, security, hunting, policy, enforcement, camping and much more. It is waterproof. The enhanced stainless steel switch has some unique features to make the function much sensitive. The improved circuit design and unique features make an excellent brightness variation between max mode and high mode very distinct.


  • LED (Cree XP-L V6)
  • It has rechargeable battery which is 18650
  • The maximum output of this light is 1100
  • The working voltage of this flashlight is 2.7V-6V
  • Weight: 86g
  • Reverse polarity security design
  • Aircraft-grade aluminum exterior
  • Strong ultra-clear lens (glass) with an anti-reflective coating
  • Smooth reflector for perfect throw and beam


J5 Tactical Light

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There is a super bright and efficient 250 Lumens LED Light is available in this flashlight that delivers an incredibly intense light beam of 600 feet.  The smart strobe, low and high modes in this flashlight let you to ready for anything which comes to your path. It has AA battery. It is tough, heavy duty and compact, so it is perfect for camping and hunting.


  • Intense and small Super-Charged LED light
  • The beam of this light cans sweet the light of the overall length of 2 football fields
  • It includes adjustable and superior focus range
  • There are three different usage modes available in this efficient flashlight
  • Amazing strength
  • The single battery bring you more hours of result
  • Compact and tactical design


JETBeam KO-01 flashlight

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Do you want to purchase the finest and durable rechargeable flashlight? This JETBeam EDC flashlight is a right choice for your torch light buying needs. The most durable and efficient torch light includes latest and effective LED light, known as cree XPL.  The flashlight comes with waterproof features so that you can prefer it without any uncertainty. The flashlight runs on efficient batteries. Apart from that, it also includes convenient charging facilities known as micro-USB. It also includes power indicator facility that helps uses to know about the remaining battery range without facing any difficulties.


  • Ultra beam (1080lm) and latest LED light (XPL)
  • It produces the maximum output of 1080 lumens
  • It withstand up to 250 hours
  • It comes with micro-USB for charging facility
  • Includes five useful modes
  • Fast solo switch control
  • Exquisite workmanship
  • It has removable attachment clip and ring



Everyone knows that it is tough to discover the EDC flashlight or torch light that is not good. The flashlights look better because it includes lots of additional features such as shock resistance, multi-modes, and waterproofing. When you decide to buy the flashlight, you can consider your individual requirement. It is a vital consideration that let you pick the Best EDC flashlight without any confusion. Along with this, you can also check the features, specifications, durability, design, size and other aspects before investing your hard-earned money.

These are the most vital aspects that not only limiting the finding, but the finest product selection also let you pick the perfect flashlight without taking lots of time.  Now, buying the highly appropriate flashlight is easy, as the great selection of EDC flashlights makes the task convenient and simpler. The above-mentioned products come with its product description and features that help people to make a smart purchasing decision. The proper flashlight selection also let to enjoy your every activity without any hassles.

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