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A DisplayPort cable basically connects to a VGA display. Most of the computers or systems that are in the market now require a converter that connects to HDMI. Therefore, we have the DisplayPort to HDMI adapter that connects a DisplayPort source to an HDMI display. The special thing about this adapter is the output signal of HDMI is 1080p that gives you a better resolution and good functioning. It can upgrade the quality of your movie or any video.

A lot of devices have HDMI compatibility now, therefore you sometimes would require a converter or an adapter of some sort. To make your purchase you need to understand what product, brand or type to buy. Here is a guide for you which will help you in purchasing a good DisplayPort to HDMI adapter.

DisplayPort to HDMI Adapters Buying Guide

While making your pick, you must keep a few things in mind. The price of the cable, the length of the cable and quality of the cable. All these factors become necessary while making a purchase of your DisplayPort to HDMI Adapter. You also need to understand if you are buying a male-to-female or female-to-male adapter. Know your devices beforehand. Adapters are not always bi-directional therefore, you must be careful while making the purchase.  As it was already mentioned that HDMI gives out a signal of 1080, an adapter is the best way to convert DisplayPort Signal to HDMI.

The adapter should also help you take care of the HDCP version which was the older form of HDMI. DisplayPort Content Protection is also provided that safeguards all your media. When you make the purchase make sure that it is a passive adapter. Also that it fits your device without any problem. The pins of the adapter need to be straight and not bent. Have a look at the quality of the wire as well. It should be well insulated. Any extra bending can cause distortion in the image quality at the display end.

Almost all electronics come with a warranty. Therefore, it is necessary for you to check for the warranty of the product. Do not purchase an adapter that does not come with a minimum warranty of six months. Make sure that your adapter supports mirroring and not just a single way display. Mirroring allows users to use both the systems at the same time. This way if you are teaching, then your job become easier. You can make changes in your primary device which will automatically reflect in your secondary device. This makes learning interactive and fun.

Also, there are various other modes that these adapters operate on. Depending on your needs make a good choice.

#1 – UGREEN Mini DisplayPort (Thunderbolt) to HDMI VGA Adapter Converter for Macbook Pro Air iMac Surface Pro 3 (White)

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Here is an adapter that has made it to the top five list of DisplayPort to HDMI adapters. UGREEN gives a lifetime warranty and also gives a replacement in case your adapter fails. With super fast connection speed and quality display, this Mini DisplayPort is best out of the lot. It is compatible with Macbook and various other devices. It is compact and easy to carry. It is available in two colors – black and white. It can operate in various modes after you connect your two devices. It has a male to female orientation and can handle only two devices at one time.


#2 – Mini DisplayPort to VGA HDMI Adapter Cable AIYZE 2 in 1 for Macbook Air Pro iMac (19201200) Male to Female White

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AIYZE presents you their finest model of DisplayPort to HDMI adapter cable. It is available in white color. It is one of the fastest selling adapters online. The HDMI cable gives up to 10.2 Gbps videos and is compatible with the resolution of 1920*1200. The quality of this cable is brilliant and comes at a reasonable price. It is very compact and can fit in small places. It is easy to carry and compatible with various devices including MacBook, Lenovo laptops, HP laptops, Dell laptop, and desktops etc. It is one of the cables that you do not want to miss out on.



#3 – Kuzy – Mini DisplayPort to VGA/HDMI Adapter Cable for Apple MacBook Pro, iMac, MacBook Air, Mac

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Many time Macbooks do not read the DisplayPort to HDMI adapters. You will find a lot of MacBook users complaining about the incompatibility. It can be very frustrating at times. That is why Kuzy brings you their version of Mini DisplayPort to HDMI adapter that goes well with the Apple products and is tailor made to suit an apple user’s needs. Moreover, its compatibility is not restricted to Apple products. It comes with a warranty of a year and complete replacement is guaranteed within the period of one year.


#4 – StarTech Mini DisplayPort to VGA HDMI Adapter – White – 1080p – Thunderbolt to VGA Monitor Adapter – Mini DP to VGA Converter

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It is not very easy to choose which adapter to buy. StarTech is a renowned company that produces quality cables, adapters, converters and other various electronic items. They bring you their DisplayPort to HDMI adapter that is white in color. It is suitable for pixel range of 1080. The cable adapter is made out of finest material that makes it durable under worst conditions. It also comes with a warranty of two years. The best thing about this cable is that it comes with a reasonable price and does not burn the pockets of its customers.


#5 – Apple MB572Z/B Mini DisplayPort to VGA HDMI Adapter

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Another Apple compatible DisplayPort to HDMI adapter. This is especially made by Apple to suit the needs of its customer. It may seem a bit pricey but its working is marvelous and quality is of high standards. Whenever you buy Apple products make sure you invest in your adapters as well. The Macbook remains safe when Apple adapters are used. Remember that this adapter is compatible with Mac only. You must have Mac on one side in order to get the connection.



Adapters are bridges between two different technologies. Cables like these converge technologies and simplify technical platforms for people. Therefore, it becomes the responsibility of the users to understand and make a suitable purchase. This guide is to help you pick out the best DisplayPort to HDMI cable adapter that can help you connect two devices with varying compatibility. With a lot of varieties in the market, it can be confusing. There are several adapters mentioned in this article. Do follow the guidelines mentioned to make the best out of your DisplayPort to HDMI cable adapter. To suit your needs and price range you can pick out the best one.

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