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On October 6, 2016
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Built as a heavy duty commercial vacuum sealer, Weston Pro-2300 does what it’s supposed to. While vacuum sealers of such kind are fairly limited in the market, which means sealing food hasn’t been popularized.

These are tough times. Tougher still if you’re in the package industry. You’re working hard to feed your customers who demand lower prices. And you’re rummaging everywhere to find solutions to decrease your operating cost and hence, your product prices, and at the same time finding ways to increase your productivity.

Take a sigh of relief and look no further.

Built as a heavy duty commercial  vacuum sealer, Weston Pro-2300 does what it’s supposed to. While vacuum sealers of such kind are fairly limited in the market, which means sealing food hasn’t been popularized, Pro-2300 is one of the best, both for its functions and raw power to perform hardcore sealing.

Pros : Conveniently powerful, good quality sealing, easy to use with simple modes and reusable bags

Cons : Bags not interchangeable, not hands-free, bulky


Conveniently Powerful

Pro-300 is constructed for top-of-the-line performance. Cased by 430 grade stainless steel and charged by 935 watts of power, it can seal up to 200 bags per day without being overheated. Doing the vacuuming task is a double-piston vacuum-pump which offers 28” HG of vacuum strength. In simple words, you can seal all day long without worrying much about the quality of the seal or the durability of this beast. Oh yes, you do have to worry what to seal, by the way. Including fan-cooled motor and a cord storage compartment, it is, in short, conveniently powerful.

Good Quality Sealing

Equipped with an extra large Teflon Bar, Pro-2300 seals bags of up to 15” wide, arguably the largest, most effective sealer in the marketplace, making it possible for you to seal a whole chicken, a whole small chicken, that is. With its uniquely-designed Cobalt Acrylic Lid Preserve, it is touted as being able to keep food fresh five to six times longer than commercial vacuum sealers using traditional methods. Pro-2300 also provides frost-free results after two months of freezer storage.

Easy To Use With Simple Modes

This vacuum sealer is brightened by LED lights installed for you to monitor the stages of a sealing process. With two modes of operation – auto and manual, navigating through Pro-2300 is done with ease. In Automatic Mode, it’s a one-touch operation that lets a computer system to handle the rest, from the start of vacuuming to the end of sealing. On the contrary, in Manual Mode, you can customize and calibrate the vacuum pressure, useful when you need to seal soft food or even photos, yes, photos, valuables and delicate items.

Not Interchangeable But Reusable Bags

Although Pro-2300 doesn’t function as well when it is used for bags from other manufacturers, the Weston’s or Cabela’s bags are reusable, dishwasher-, microwave- and boil-safe. This means that after sealing, you could still safely heat your food in a microwave or even boil it for later use. Some users complained that they couldn’t use Mylar bags with this vacuum sealer. After researching, their complaint is partly valid as Pro-2300 could only seal but not vacuum Mylar bags. Worth highlighting is the see-through acrylic lid that enables accurate alignment when bags are inserted to be sealed.

Negligible Problems

Some of the dissatisfied users said that Pro-2300 is not a hands-free sealer. They reviewed that you have to push on the lid during sealing. Others fussed about its size, which is big and bulky, and its weigh, which is 26.5 pounds. Nonetheless, you can’t expect a heavy-duty vacuum sealer to be as light as feather, and easily carried around. Its job is to sit down and vacuum and seal.


Priced at nearly $500, Pro-2300 performs what it’s supposed to – heavy-duty sealing – at an appropriate value. With 1-year limited warranty, expect Weston Pro-2300 to satisfy beyond that period.

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