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On October 6, 2016
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That is why chamber vacuum sealers are at the forefront of commercial vacuum sealers. And one of the best that’s value for money is VacMaster VP210C.

Besides sealing food for sous vide cooking (sealed food is put into a water bath at a constant temperature, usually for around 72 hours, to achieve precise cooking) and keeping marinated food for a longer period of time, a chamber vacuum sealer could perform a lot more sealing tasks because of its way of vacuuming a bag. Unlike traditional sealers, a chamber vacuum sealer has a powerful pump which increases its vacuum capability above what ordinary sealers would normally offer with their vacuum channels.

Best Chamber Style Vacuum Sealer

That is why chamber vacuum sealers are at the forefront of commercial vacuum sealers. And one of the best that’s value for money is VacMaster VP210C.

Pros : Higher level of vacuum and longer-lasting pump, convenient to operate and efficient

Cons : Heavy and not built with rotary oil motor, requires specially-made chamber vacuum bags


Higher Level of Vacuum

Most suction machines could offer vacuum levels of 24-26 HG. But since VP210C is a chamber, it’s possible for it to reach 27-29 HG level of vacuum, raising the bar to one notch higher. Powering this monstrous vacuum ability is a dry-rocker piston that is supposed to last ten times longer than typical countertop vacuum sealers. Take note a user pointed out that the pump might clog after sealing bags with a great deal of moisture, and that a rotary oil motor might perform better than dry rocker piston. Nevertheless, they were only his opinions, and he himself stressed that VP210C is durable and reliable enough.

Convenient To Operate

Bags to be sealed is placed inside the chamber before closing the lid. Then air is vacuumed out of the entire chamber, not just the bag, equalizing air pressure inside and outside of the bag. This means that liquids are not sucked out due to the different air pressures and remain in the bag. The bag is then sealed, and air let back into the chamber. To increase its efficiency of vacuum, VP210C comes with “filler plates” used to fill up part of the chamber to reduce the amount of air that must be pumped out. Not only does it save time but also decrease tear and wear as well.

Requires Better Quality Bags

Bags used for chamber vacuum sealers are of different type and less expensive than traditional textured bags for external vacuum sealers. VP210C requires specially-made chamber vacuum packaging bags that are not exchangeable with bags meant for external sealers. Having said that, VP210C works with commercial vacuum pouches, called ½ barrier ½ pouches, that are able to prevent air from entering the pouch in time by eliminating respiration. Lastly, these bags have a longer shelf life with less freezer burn, and are more economical than vacuum pouches currently available in the market.


Apart from its huge size and weight, no doubt the biggest pushover of this otherwise excellent commercial vacuum sealer is the 4-digit price. Considering it’s a top-of-the-line appliance and can be used to seal various items (not just food), every penny is worth to be invested. Get the VacMaster VP210 Dry Piston Pump Chamber Machine to be the master of your kitchen.

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