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On October 6, 2016
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As the above title suggests, FoodSaver V3835 (or V3840) is the best automatic vacuum sealer, thriving on its sensor which detects a bag and then begins a sealing process automatically.

If there’s one kitchen appliance that marks this era of increasing awareness for money, time and life quality, then it is a vacuum sealer. And if there’s a brand which is as important as the appliance itself, it is the established name of FoodSaver. While marketed sealers do what it’s designed to do, which is to vacuum, seal and preserve food for a longer period of time, FoodSaver has come out with ingenious model, taking the features of a great vacuum sealer one notch higher.

Best Automatic Vacuum Sealer

As the above title suggests, FoodSaver V3835 (or V3840) is the best automatic vacuum sealer, thriving on its sensor which detects a bag and then begins a sealing process automatically. Yes, it has rooms for improvements and it is not entirely liked by users who found its problems. Nonetheless, judging from above average responses and the fact that there aren’t many competitors around to push the boundaries, FoodSaver V3835 simply outstands the rest. Here’s why.

Pros : Contemporary look and modern design, automatic vacuum, liquid-friendly system and extra features

Cons : Long sealing process and similar results between dry and moist seal


Contemporary Look and Modern Design

Measures around 16.8 x 5.2 x 10.2 inches and weighs 11.2 pounds, V3835 takes up very little counter space although its weigh makes it inconvenient to store. Coated with a silvery exterior, it blends with contemporary kitchen backdrop, giving it an elegant look and a sleek design. Besides this modern look at an exceptional value, V3835 is built with convenience in mind. There are LED meter progress lights and a spindle underneath the sealer to enable you let only as much power cord as you need. Not only does it ease your use but the spindle also prevent the sealer from looking as if it’s kidnapped and roped around.

Automatic Vacuum

As pointed out, the sealer is able to detect a bag when you insert because of its SmartSeal technology that’s also responsible for keeping food fresh longer. Just insert the opening into the unit and it would begin to vacuum and seal. Remember, however, that you must insert the bag 1.5 inches into the slot for the automatic sensor to work. Because of this, users complained of plastic wastage and not to mention the narrow sealing slot from where they needed to insert the bags.

Besides, sealing takes a considerable amount of time. Above all, this automatic feature is worth the slight trouble as you can multitask while the machine performs behind. Just don’t go too far, as it doesn’t take long to complete. Lastly, to seal delicate food, press the seal button to stop an ongoing vacuum process so that it seals the bag before the food crushes.

Liquid-friendly System

One noteworthy feature is that the sealer detects the presence of liquid in the food and automatically calibrates the seal so that it’s more secure. Those who experienced this feature, however, argued that there was no difference on the seal between dry and moist seal.

Extra Accessories

There is a built-in roll storage that not only holds the bags but also cut them to various sites. Instead of manually cutting open the bag to take the food out, just insert a sealed bag into a built-in opener and it would do the job for you. There is also a hose to be used with all FoodSaver accessories – bottle openers, universal lids, quick marinators and canisters.

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Designed to be a perfect fit to modern homes, FoodSaver V3835 is an elegant, smart and a state-of-the-art addition to your kitchen. Take extra care to use the provided features correctly and the machine will seal your love for it.

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